Considering the month of June includes the annual Fox Hunt, we thought it would be fun to trace back to the early 80’s when the famed Les Shockley brought his record holding “Shockwave” Jet Dragster to the All Ladies Free event. In this photo, you will see Shockley behind the wheel, along with B.K. Newell, chief starter Rocky Church and Scott New (explaining what’s about to unfold) . In addition, both Bob Anthony (a veteran weather man on KIVI-6 today) and D.J. Don Kelly, along with water box staff member Brad Belveal, a top-end track announcer for Firebird today, preparing for the exhibition race. The pairing would pit the 280 mph Jet Dragster against the KFXD 58 radio station van in a handicapped race. As fate would have it, the Jet all but blew the doors off the station van wheeled by Kelly and Anthony after a 15 second head start. Wonder if there’s anyone still around (that checks out our Blast from the Past feature) that remembers watching this zany exhibition?