T.V. Tommy Ivo is one of drag racing’s all-time great showmen. He has raced in Top Fuel, Funny Car and an assortment of other exhibition vehicles. We featured a car he called “The Wagon Master” on two separate occasions at the Boise Roadster Show. Thanks to Steve Shideler who took the picture, this image came from the first of two different Boise show appearances Ivo made with his car (in the 1983 Roadster Show). This wild creation featured four Buick Nailhead motors that powered all four wheels, a car that earned the distinction of running speeds of 170, 175 and 180 miles per hour (the first in drag racing history to run these kind of numbers in a gas-powered dragster). Ivo was also very well recognized for his roles in quite a variety of b-run movies during the 50’s and the original ABC-TV sitcom Margie during the 1961-62 season.