One of the toughest racers in the infancy of big money northwest bracket racing of the 1970-era was Skeeter Keene. He attended several of the original Bracketeer National events with his Door Slammer Chevy Malibu. In 1978 (pictured here) he not only won the Bracketeer Nationals over Memorial weekend, but returned over Labor Day weekend to double up at a one-off race called the Bracketmaster 6000, too. As a Washington-state competitor, Keene is accepting his plaque from 12 year old Brad New, along with “Daddy B”. Not sure how many people you might recognize in this picture, but B.K. Newell and Kurt Shuppen are pictured at far right (part of the Firebird staff), along with noted northwest bracket racer Howard Esping (without his shirt on).