Rich Moore has been attending and competing at races at Firebird dating back to nearly the inception of the track. He shared a photograph of his car that he and a partner raced back in 1971. In his words he said, "This car is a 1961 Chevrolet Utility Sedan (with no back seat). We called it ‘Spirit of `76’. It had a 409 engine with factory dual four carbs and a four speed transmission. I raced it D/Stock class back in 1971. For a good part of the season I had a partner, Randy Graham. We would trade off racing duties every other race that we attended. In this photo, it was Randy driving the car. The car in the other lane is Cal Method driving his 1966 Chevrolet station wagon. The photo was taken during time trials by Randy's brother, Bob Graham. By my recollection, it was a World Championship Series point’s meet. Randy made it to the semi-finals, before losing to Cal Method. I believe that Cal then defeated Ralph VanPaepeghem in the final round. Also note: The smoke behind the car is tire smoke. We were only allowed 7 inch wide tires and tire spin at the launch was normal. Back in the day, the car was not competitive and maintaining a race car was expensive. I did race the car for a while in 1974, bracket racing in the "Mint" class. The car still had the 409 engine, but with one small carburetor and an automatic transmission. I had some success in 1974, including winning the "Nightfire 500" in the Mint bracket. After 1974 the car, engine and all the parts were sold and the car was no longer seen. I didn't race again until 2011."