We’ve featured this historic race a couple times over the years, but this is the only known color photo of “the race”. Stepping back nearly forty years, this is the final round of the inaugural Bracketeer Nationals back in 1976. In the near lane is Dale Harsin (father of BSU football coach Bryan Harsin) at the wheel of his “Outlaw” Mustang racing against Harley Noe’s Chevy II. Staged over Memorial weekend, the event featured the richest purse in bracket racing history on the western side of the country. Noe prevailed in the rain-delayed final round of Showdown eliminator (similar to today’s Super Pro/Bracketeer class), run mid-day on Monday. If you look close, that is Scott New on the starter button in the railroad conductor hat and orange jacket, along with his youngest brother Brad (in the foreground) at just 9 years of age. Image by the late Sam Callaway