This photo has never seen the light of day, not in four decades anyway. Taken by the late Sam Callaway and shared by his son Sam during the 42nd Annual Roadster Show, this is Evel Knievel getting ready to jump at Firebird Raceway in 1969. It is the only known shot that exists on record. The exhibition took place during the height of his career aboard a Laverda American Eagle 750 cc motorcycle wearing his famous white jumpsuit and confederate stars (on blue stripes). We wonder if anyone knows who is holding the bike wearing the Carl's Cycles, Boise, Idaho, t-shirt?

Knievel had jumped one year earlier in August at Meridian Speedway, so the management of Firebird thought it might make good sense to feature the outlandish daredevil in an exhibition event during the track’s second year of operation. Hoping for a big crowd, the event came up shy of expectations, but will forever be part of the history of Treasure Valley motorsport’s complex.