Pro Stock was a big hit in the 70's and 80's at Firebird. A number of events (including the early NHRA WCS meets) featured qualified 8 and 16-car fields. Guys like Dick Landy, Bill Bagshaw, Butch Leal, Mark Yuill, Lee Hunter, Pete Kost, Gary Coe, Randy Humphreys, Gary Hansen, and others competed along with the likes of Arizona's Kevin Rotty (pictured). Rotty was one of the west's toughest door cars, making the long distance haul from Tucson with his 9-second Camaro, a winner on a couple of occasions at Firebird. Fast forward nearly thirty years and today Firebird hosts an exciting shootout for not only all the door cars, but also the open wheelers in a class called Top Gun. Presented by Wyoming Ethanol, the quickest 12-full bodied rides will compete on one side of the ladder against the baddest 12-open wheelers . Staged in conjunction with the Halloween Classic, this "race within a race" will see defending champ Scott Cannon from Montana and a fleet of others battling it out on October 14th-17th.