Circa 1978, eastern Idaho's Norm Hayball was the Pro/Showdown champion of the Nightfire 500 with his hard runnin' Hayball & Bohi Camaro. Helping to congratulate Hayball on his big victory was Firebird's very own John New, age 15, and one adorable little tike holding the plaque (any guesses who that might be?). Hayball won on the same night as none other than Raymond Beadle and his legendary "Blue Max" Arrow. Beadle conquered a field of AA/Funny Cars that included the likes of Prudhomme, Force, Bonin, McEwen, Lombardo (ru) and a cast of other heavy hitters. "Fearless Fred" Goeske stunned a big crowd that night, too. Driving the "Chicago Patrol" rocket Funny Car, Goeske recorded what still stands as the quickest run in Firebird history...a mind numbing 4.74 (at 230 mph). It was the first and last appearnce of a rocket car at Firebird