Taken twenty-three years ago at Portland International Raceway, this is Team Firebird at the second annual Division 6 E.T. Finals. Voted "Most Enthusiastic Team in 1979 (plaque presented to Bill New by DD Frank Hall), the 32-member team endured one of the wettest team finals in history. The rain-postponed event did see one Firebird racer win big as Peter Berkuta (back row-center right) put his Mopar into the inaugural NHRA World Championship runoff at Ontario Motor Speedway, falling in the semi-final round of Pro in his own backyard. Incredibly enough, Peter is also a former Firebird track champion (and the inaugural Bracketeer Allstar) winning Mint eliminator one year after making 16 round-trips from southern California to capture the point's crown. Recognize anyone else (l to r)...Duane Noe, Rick Church, the late Bud Centers, Roy Sorenson, Ruby Owen-Smith, Stan Keller, Jim Gentry, Harley Noe, Carl Downard, Dale Harsin, Pam Goff, the late Dwight Noe, Don Owen, the Shumway family, Brad Wutherich, Tim Brown, former DD6 Gene Bergstrom, amongst several others. Color of team shirts in 1979: orange, black lettering-you could see us from a mile away! Photo by Rich Carlson