One of the most famous early Pro Stock names in the sport of drag racing, especially if you love the penta-star brand, was Dick Landy. Better known as "Dandy Dick" Landy, he was also very well knowns for biting down on a fresh stogie during each quarter-mile blasts. Winning his first Firebird event over three decades ago, Bob Lambeck accepted the winner's trophy from a smartly dressed gal (aka-the trophy girl) at an early NHRA World Championship Series event behind the original Firebird "International" A-Board. The background of this photo is almost as cool as the rest of the picture...look at the crowd leaving the event - from the 60's era, a Camaro, Mustang, Belvedere, and a 55 Chevy hardtop, and look close to the right - guessin' that's the official car of the NHRA Division 6 Director (in all likehood Terrel Pogue shortly before he retired from the post). Fast forward to April 2002. Lambeck was the champion of Comp eliminator at the rain-delayed, finished on Monday - Ignitor, Lucas Oil Drag Race Series. In the winner's circle he indicated that his last win at Firebird came just over thirty years ago. Simply amazing. Photo by the late Sam Callaway.