Having raced at Firebird for nearly one quarter century, Mark Kidd from Twin Falls has won an amazing number of races over the years in everything from a Dragster to a Roadster to a Door Car. A many time Ignitor champion, Kidd reached the final round of Division 6 point's meet in 1988 with his bright orange Chevelle (see Ray Rice - Chief Starter in background), while competing against the Cuda of fellow Magic Valley competitor Terry Sisson. Kidd has won just about every major event title on the Firebird track schedule, but one - Bracketeer eliminator (although close with titles in the Bracketeer Allstar). We wouldn't doubt too much more time will lapse before that a Bracketeer victory happens, especially after racing in nearly every big money Nightfire bracket tournament dating back to the late 70's. Photo by Rich Carlson