Having competed at Firebird for the better part of the past four and a half decades, Dave Goff is a racer that has accomplished plenty in his years of racing. In the mid-70's, Dave won multiple track championships followed up by helping his wife to also score a Gold Cup tiitle in the late-70's, too. This all took place during an era when "no" reaction times, 60' or 1,000' numbers were imprinted or written on e.t. slips. Plus a good deal of racing during this time frame was staged off the .4-pro light in all categories (and deep staging was your best option to cutting a good light!).  In 1988, Dave won the Division 6 Summit E.T. Finals, which helped Firebird win its first of seven team championships in an all Firebird final with Mel Jackson. Today, he races this colorful full-fendered roadster in both Super Gas and Super Pro. Pictured at the Halloween Classic, Dave is running along side one of the Hawker family Mopar rides.


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