Anyone that takes photos feels like an artist or at least shoots with the intent of trying to portray something that has artistic feel to it. Dave Kommel has been shooting drag racing photographs for nearly as long as the sport of drag racing has been in existence. He is arguably one of the premiere shooters of the last quarter-century. On a last minute whim, he made the drive up for the Nightfire weekend after his prior Salt Flats engagement was virtually flooded out. He spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday compiling quite a vareity of images from fast action to slow motion. This shot in particular requires real talent to pull off, along with a very slow shutter speed and plenty of "luck" or "good timing" as might say. Greg Howland drives the Zeus Corvette and his near quarter-mile burnouts have become quite famous over the past few years. It is one very sweet twi-lite shot in our opinion.


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