In one of his first appearances at Firebird, David Clark from Idaho Falls really served notice that his `99 Mustang is one bad hombre. In fact, he wheeled his Ford to the number #2 spot in quarter-mile qualifying at 8.31-163.73 behind eventual winner Jeff Young, right, who carded a booming 7.66-187.89 to lead the Unlimited Quick 8 eliminator. Following a four hour weather delay and switch over to the eighth-mile distance, Clark pounded out a 5.35 to 5.65 win over Jake Montgomery; a 5.44 to 5.64 victory over John Voss, and then lost a good final round battle, 5.29 (Clark) to a winning 5.10 (by Young, at right). No one will ever argue that the classic "Ford" versus "Chevy" match up isn't fun to watch. No doubt they'll meet again one of these first days.


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