Literally defying the odds, Tim Brown registered and competed in the highly-competitive Pro division at the NAPA Halloween Classic XXI event. Tim's one heck of a racer, but odds truthfully work against you with a car that is as near period perfect to the 60's and 70's than it is for today's highly sophisticated and ultra "consistent" Pro class. Impressively, Tim motored through round after round of eliminations making this supercharged `48 Anglia a proven winner. Although he didn't win the overall eliminator, Tim definitely showed one `n all you can compete with whatever might strike your fancy. Having raced at Firebird for somewhere north of four decades now, it's cool seeing him compete with an over the top 8-seocnd fat-fendered sedan. Tip of the hat to Mr. Brown for putting together one sweet ride  that's almost as much fun to watch thunder the quarter-mile as it must be to drive. OK, we'll admit - driving something like this has to be near the ultimate e-ticket.


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