Partly cloudy skies greeted a record turnout of vendors and buyers for the 17th edition of the Oil Can Henry’s Spring Warm Up & Swap Meet. Presented by American Classifieds, the first major Firebird event of the new season attracted hundreds of sellers and thousands of buyers, along with a strong field of racers who made test laps throughout the morning and afternoon.

As with any Swap Meet, one of the keys is to get there early and follow that famous old adage, “swap till ya drop”. There were many, many deals to be had. In fact, several commented that they couldn’t believe how much merchandise was being hauled back out to the general parking lot. Without question, it turned out to be the biggest Swap Meet, several times over, in the seventeen-year history of the event.

Tons of racers also participated throughout the day, with many commenting that they got four, five, and a few getting as many as six test runs, thanks in large part to the hard work of the Firebird track staff.

We wanted to provide a quick glimpse at some of the people, parts, cars, and racers who attended this year’s Warm Up. We’d like to say thanks to Gary and Jessica Himes for taking a number of these images. We think it shows a good cross section of the popularity of this spring-time tradition.

If you had fun at this event, then don’t forget to mark your calendars for Saturday, September 17th, when the Fall Swap Meet hits the Firebird facility in grand fashion. We’d also like to pass along our appreciation to everyone who supported this year’s event. It was certainly one double throwdown affair!

Images by Gary & Jessica Himes, along with Firebird staff.


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